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Our raw material of ultra-low temperature tuna mainly comes from the deep-sea of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. The processing and stocking degree is -60≧, and such ultra- low temperature freezing can keep tuna in good nutrition, flavor and freshness for a long time. Therefore, customers from all over the world will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood at all times.

On the sea, we own the powerful long-range fishing fleet; On the land, we own the largest -60≧ ultra-low temperature tuna storage and manufacturer in China; In technology, we have our own professional Japanese experts and selling teams who are skillful in the selection,separation and processing of ultra- low temperature tuna. We welcome the seafood operator from all over the world to exchange, enlarge and explore -60≧ ultra-low temperature tuna market.

Our principle: Focus on the market and do for the market; then create the best future for ultra-low tempurature tuna.
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